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Market Square Throw

By the fires soft glow wrap up in our throw.

On cold winter nights let swirling snows blow.

Made of all cotton, it's warm yet it's light;

At three feet by six, the size is just right.

It's woven with white in deep greens or blues;

Perhaps even natural's a color you'll choose.

Your family will find it keeps off the breeze.

Our throw is quite nice across their cold knees.

In season of ice, we know it is true,

That one won't suffice, you'll wish you had two.

Market Square, natural, throw, blanket, cotton, woven, handmade, handwoven, weaving, made in USA

Our Market Square Throw is woven in the traditional M's and O's pattern and measures 36" by 72." Natural is, by far, the loveliest and most popular shade woven in this pattern. Some other colors may be available; please call for our current selection.

For more information or to place an order, please click here to contact us.

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Throw Beige.JPG
Throw Pewter.JPG
Throw Cocoa.JPG
Throw Blue.JPG
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