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Cotton Shawl

Stepping out in spring and fall,

You'll look great in Poncho or Shawl!

Give that tired sweater a rest,

You'll be cozy and well-dressed.

An art piece you can always wear,

To theater or a country fair.

Doesn't matter if you're big or small,

We've got you size fits all!


Chenille Shawl

We offer two styles of beautiful shawls in either all white Cotton with an intricate lace pattern or our stunning Chenille in a variety of colors. The Chenille Shawl may also be made into a eye-catching Poncho style cape.


Click on the image or product name for more information.

Please contact us to order or if you do not see the color you are looking for.


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Our cotton Shawl is handwoven in a pattern of lacy squares in a very ample size of 24"x96," in either natural or pure white color, finished with knotted fringe.


For more information or to place an order, please click here to contact us.

Cotton Lacy Shawl
Available in Bleached White, woven through Natural or
all Natural

For spring-time proms or formal balls,

For really chilly concert halls,

For summer evenings at the beach,

Your ladies' shawl will be in reach.

For wedding trip or tropic cruise

Our lacy shawl you'll always use.

For midnight walks along the shore,

It's not the same shawl grandma wore.

The graceful elegance of the lacy pattern may also be used as a scarf to dress up any table or dresser. Click here for more information on the Table Scarf.

Chenille Shawls 
Chenille Shawls

Our NEW Chenille Shawls and Ponchos are a fashionable and versatile accessory to any outfit and the perfect layer for a chilly day. The Chenille yarn we use is known for its velvety soft and luminous appearance as well as the wide range of vibrant colors available. This luxurious garment is as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

We have created an array of beautiful Shawls in not only stunning solid colors but have taken inspiration from our Chenille Scarves and created Tri-Colors, Rainbow Stripes and Border Stripes as well.

Measuring approximately 24"x70" with hand knotted fringe. 


We have many more colors available!

Please contact us to order or if you do not see the color you are looking for.

Chenille Ponchos