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Every year many, many young people and some older folks, too, discover the delightful fun and creativity of weaving with:
The Little Handweaver
The Little Handweaver, Learn to weave, educational, craft

The Little Handweaver is an educational product that will introduce you to basic weaving techniques. Now you can weave a variety of easy-to-make projects while learning the joy that comes from the art of handweaving.

Weaving, learn to weave, The Little Handweaver, educational, craft

When asked today how long she has been weaving, our daughter Emily refers to this picture located on the back of The Little Handweaver package and says "All of my life." Here, she is demonstrating how she learned to weave when she was a child.

Everything you need to start learning how to

weave is in our package. In our workshop we make both the loom and shuttles. We also

provide the warp and weft yarns for you, as

well as our own complete easy-to-follow set up and weave instructions, all in a small carry bag.

It's portable! Boys and girls alike take this

fascinating and fun educational activity with them everywhere.

This Little Handweaver shown here is using her rigid heddle loom to raise and lower the warp while weaving the weft yarn into place.

You will be able to weave a variety of items such as belts and sashes, as shown, or by joining pieces, create larger cloths of all kinds, including mats, bags, scarves or even hats.

The Little Handweaver, Learn to weave, educational, craft

Recommended for everyone over 6 years of age. Let us share with you the artistry and joy of handweaving we have found so rewarding. Great learning fun.

For more information or to place an order, please click here to contact us.


Happy Weaving!

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